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Originally Posted by CarForHire View Post
I see a lot of M3 E90s on the street, it has to be doing well. I'm interested in some numbers though.
+1000...we need some numbers.

Originally Posted by Ron1n View Post
Bad..bad...BAD idea.

Without question.

Originally Posted by Willizm View Post
To me it seems as though the m3 sedan sells well enough, but then again it would make sense from BMW to stick the M3 to the coupe and have the M5 be the performance sedan option. I'd still take an M3 sedan with a built i-6 TT at 450hp. Got to bring my son to school in style
There are two points on why a M3 sedan should be in existence.

1) I think a M5 will never be able to handle like a M3 sedan.. It's like Cayman S vs Carrera.
2) Not everyone can afford a M5 (90K).

And at the picking up son quote. This is such a coincidence.For the future, I wanted a quick sedan to pick my niece from her school.
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