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Originally Posted by vgame64 View Post
As of this time last month, no decision was made to not make a F30 M3 sedan.
I hope your right.

Originally Posted by EuroTrip View Post
The M3 Sedan has been proven a better track car than its coupe couterpart. If they would only offer the carbon fiber roof to lower the center of gravity as it does on the coupe! Having a B pillar stiffens the vehicle, and the longer wheelbase proves for better handling given certain conditions.
Man, that is a big +ve for the sedan but most of the sedan owners dont really care if they are faster then the coupe. But it's good for bragging.

Originally Posted by DarkRider23 View Post
And 2019 is so late... I had planned to buy a M3 Sedan in 2014/2015, somewhere around my 25th birthday. Now, those plans are scrapped. It's either go for a C63, which I really don't want to do because I love my manual car too much or wait an extra year and go for the M5. Thank you BMW for ruining perfectly thought out plans.
Man, I share the same plan as yours but sorry to burst your bubble...M5 wont come in a manual.
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