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Originally Posted by gqmd View Post
I will be glad is there is only a coupe...Its odd to see a high performance compact car like the M3 in a sedan version. Keep the family sedan version buyers going to the M5.
but more importantly, the m3 and m5 are completely different cars. someone who wants a m3 sedan should not be forced into buying a m5.

Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
Or loose them to S4 and C63 because they can't quite afford or don't want something the size of an M5.
i can see some ppl leaving the m3 brand for a merc. not many, but a sizable amount.

i fall into the niche of ppl who want a m3 or a high performance sports car with functionalities like 4 doors. if they didnt make a sedan, im not going to down grade to a 3 series, and i dont want to upgrade to a m5. imo, thats wasted money because there is no way im going to fully take advantage of the m5 and push it to its limits. hell, i wont be able to do that with a m3 either. if i cannot push a 60-70k car to its limits, there is no way i can push a 90k+ car to its limits. imo that extra 20k is just a complete waste of money.

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