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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
I think the e92M is just one drop dead sexy car, but I'm giving that model a pass and going right to the F series with it's turbolicous torque! Under torque'd gas guzzling V8 M will be a relic post haste.
Torque deficiency = myth. Plenty of threads on M3Post to read about this in great detail. In short, the M3 makes more torque at the wheels than a 335i from 2000 RPM onward.

The V8 M3 will more than likely become coveted in the coming years, especially if HPFP issues continue to plague BMWs turbo I6s. The M3 will be the last naturally aspirated M car and BMW for a long time. The next M3 will be great too, but if they were to give an option for an S65 with HPI and 450+ hp, the take rate for the turbo would probably drop to 50% or maybe lower IMHO. Similarly if Ferrari offers a turbo 6 for some car, watch as the take rate for that approaches near zero. Why? Because, there's nothing like a high revving V8 and its linear power delivery. It's too bad there will be no more affordable high revving production cars soon. But at least there will still be some great V8s available in this segment, including Mercedes 5.5L turbo, and Audis upcoming 4L turbo. BMW, unfortunately, won't build us an S63 powered M car @ less than 100k.
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.