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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Myth perhaps, when comparing to a stock 335, but what enthusiast drives a stock 335? A tuned 335i out torques an M3 all day. Cant wait to see what an M division boosted M3 is capable of. Keep your linear accelerating, gas guzzling, super expensive to get extra horsepower V8 for all I care.
You sound real mad. You expect to talk smack about M3 on the forums and not get called on it, yeah? Push back makes ya mad, eh? You love your 335i more than any other car - why can't everyone else just understand and hate the M3 too?

Yeah, we see that a lot over on M3 post. Hey, there's lots of modded 335i out there. Great cars. But go to M3post to see dozens (not exaggerating - call me out if I am) of past threads from those with modded 335i who traded for an M3 and never look back.

"what enthusiast drives a stock 335?" - ones who want a warranty.

Now give a great reply with all the you can muster, brah.
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