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Originally Posted by Easternedge View Post
I have never heard this?! I ve been to the 1/4 mile track a couple times, and the xi's were consistently running upper 13's with tunes.

I have driven the New S4 a couple times... I will admit the launch and second gear pull harder than my car. (After that its a wrap for them) Also, the GT-R will snap your neck in half off the line. Saying this, it is possible to gain a tremendous 60' advantage w/an AWD system. As far as getting the same satisfaction when turning traction off... I doubt it. BMW is all about feel on the track, who remebers when it was M3 vs. RS4 in american lemans (i think), and the Audi would ALWAYS swing wide and go off track.. blame it on AWD. Picture the Rahal/letterman GT2 M3 with AWD.. cause it would translate in to race cars. AWD.. NAHHH dont think so.
Is your 335i stock? I'd like to see you pull on a stock S4 in third gear, I'm sorry, but in gear my friends stock 335 doesn't pull on my S5 and the S5 is considerably slower than our S4.

Back on topic. Personally, being an Audi fan awaiting a ZCP E90 M3 I think this would be awesome. Who cares what the M division is shooting towards...more competition in the car world will only further create better cars. If BMW can produce a RWD offering and an AWD offering that have similar times that would be great.