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Just curious...have those folks who gripe about the room in the rear of the e92 actually gotten into the back seat? It's really quite ok for two adults of normal size.

An M3 coupe, assuming it doesn't lose rear seating space is quite OK with me were I actually going to buy an M3 of any sort.

Then again, were I to get one, the M3 would be a "second" car not my regular use car. I don't take my cars to the track. If I did, I wouldn't care about rear seating capacity. Moreover, my daily driver is a e92 and the back seat is quite fine for carting colleagues to lunch when we have to drive for lunch. I have a 528i as my second car. I bought my kid a 328i wagon and I have an SUV for when one is needed. They are enough cars to serve all my needs.

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