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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
So far it seems clear, that the engine of the new M3 would be based on the N55 R6 ... with two possibility that are discussed ... an 3.0ltr. BiTurbo and an 3.5ltr. TriTurbo.
But now there are strange rumor in german forums that there is an possibilty that the M-GmbH has changed their mind to an totally new and for many totally surprising engine layout .. but an logically one:

an 3.3ltr. V6 with 3 Turbos !!!

... there is furthermore the yet not from anyone realised TriTurbo Issue but the rest seems logical ... taking the new M5 4.4ltr. V8 and taking 2 cylinderrs away and you getting an potent 3.3ltr. V6.

Greets Uli_HH
The triturbo rumor has been pretty strong and I think it is coming, although the rumor was surrounding non-M 3 cylinder and 4-cylinder engines. Now the V6 rumor is definitly a new one and is something interesting.

It seems the one dogma BMW has maintained is to stay away from V6 engines, probably only because of their complete perfection of the i-6. Im not sure the advantage a V6 turbo would have over an i-6 turbo as far as BMW M is concerned.

But the way BMW has been going, nothing is impossible, so its something to think about in the back of our minds for sure. In the end, the next M3 is so far away in the timeline, I bet atleast another 10-20 rumors fly in and out between now and then