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Originally Posted by SCBMW02 View Post
How about a 4 cyl turbo in the next M3? The 1977 320i David Hobbs drove in IMSA was a 2.0L 4 cyl turbo making 650hp.
Yeah, and wasn't that based on a F1 engine and it had spotty reliability?

A 4 cyl turbo engine in the M3 would be a financial disaster. You can't sell 4 cyl cars in this price range. The clientele for a 60k-80k car want something that is not found in a Honda Civic, base 1 series, or a Evo. Even Lotus had to stop and put in a V8 for their Esprit...their unreliable 4 bangers made customers turn their noses to them...
Furthermore, the M3 has become a GT/sports car, if it loses weight, and gets a I6 turbo, it may be like a old school 964 Turbo (minus a turbo and flat 6 config.). Keeping a 6 cyl count, helps it in the marketing dept and in the image department...the days of E30s is long gone, the M3 has evolved into a Porsche Carrera (and surprising the Mustang is being compared to it) competitor, and on the track, a world beater