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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
That seems plausible.

The S65 is essentially E60 M5/M6's V10 w/ V2 slashed off. With F10 M5 having V8 w/ TT, F30 M3's V6 would similarly have V2 slashed off.

I'm certainly no expert but that was my first thought as well. The s65 v8 shares the same architecture as it's s85 v10 brother. As with the s65/s85 you'll need to make a number of changes but in the end you can imagine you'd be left with one hell of a v6. You'd have a lot more space left [vs an i6] for the plumbing of tri-turbos.

Tri-turbos make sense to prevent lag & it should do an amazing job at that. Among others, Merc had a tri-turbo v6 at the '05 Geneva auto show that was very impressive. It never made it to production due to cost. BMW is also rumored to be announcing tri-turbo configs to outfit the x5 & x6 this fall. In closing I think this is very plausible & would address everyones concern regarding throttle response/lag in the next F3x M3.

Keep in mind that a lot of the characteristics that make BMW's i6 amazing can become less important when adding FI.

In the end, if true, I do see the foundation for a high revving, almost lag free monster.

BTW: Feel free to chime in on the characteristics, pros & cons of an s65 derived v6 variant, etc.