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My previous car was an '08 550i. I test drove a 2011 550i and felt that it was bloated, had too many electronic contraptions (including an electronic handbrake for heaven's sake!) and despite assurances to the contrary I could feel some turbo lag when accelerating. Overall it felt more like a Mercedes than a BMW. The only thing that kept me from running straight to Porsche was the M3, which I got because it still offered a naturally aspirated V8 and handled like a BMW is supposed to handle. If the future of BMW lies in additional turbo plumbing and intercoolers and if vehicle curb weight continues to rise, this is probably my last Bimmer. One other point: if all of this forced induction is to enable BMW to meet corporate miles per gallon regulations, why doesn't Munich simply re-badge Minis as BMWs, which would improve the overall mpg numbers and perhaps allow it to continue to offer the kind of cars we have come to love.