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Originally Posted by shanecarmaster1 View Post
They have tradition - what makes a BMW a BMW. The Inline-6 is legendary regardless of what new "better" things everyone's willing to try. I want the sound, I want the connection, I want the feeling of tradition. Any other car has a V6, but a BMW has "THE Inline-6, not AN Inline-6." Why do we buy BMW's? Everyone may have different answers, but I buy for the drive, the sexiness, and the feeling. I want to feel connected and have a shit-face grin on my face when I'm driving it because of the sweet, free-revving Inline-6 engine. I want the car to be light, I want the car to only have the driver in mind, and I want BMW to respect their traditions and heritage. The V8 and V10 were different because they brought it to a whole other level. The Inline-6's can't be replaced though. The E39 M5 had a V8 - anything can have a V8.
You have a point and I am just as enthusiastic about BMWs inline-6 engine. I purchased my E92 M3 while I still had my E46 zcp for a while. After getting rid of my E46, I regretted it so much. And for years to come, I attributed this regret to the missing I6 in my E92.

But that was not true. Not one bit. I see your argument about the I6, and I raise you this... M3s legacy is NOT the inline 6. Not at all. It is a combination of engine features such as...

-high redline
-flat torque curve
-steep hp curve, peaking near redline
-jumpy, instant and effective response
-ability to be beat up over and over and over and keep ticking

This is the M3s heritage, not the inline 6. This is why an M3 feels how it feels.

I see your argument about V8s in many cars, it's an argument I have also posted on these forums some time ago. But tell me this...

How many 8000+ rpm, max hp at redline, flat torque curve V8s are out there? Not very many my friend. Especially for a car in this price range. This V8 is a very special engine, not your conventional V8. Not even close.

What I missed about my ZCP E46 had more to do with the noticeably lower weight, the shorter steering rack, the tighter suspension, and yes... The rasspy tone. But all along I kept thinking it's the engine. When in reality, it was how the car felt, and how I felt driving the car.

After this realization, I have complete faith the next M3 will have en equally unique engine as the E30, 46, and 92.