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Originally Posted by SCBMW02 View Post
How about a 4 cyl turbo in the next M3? The 1977 320i David Hobbs drove in IMSA was a 2.0L 4 cyl turbo making 650hp.
Sounds like you are a good candidate for a F22 1M. Rumor has it that it will be powered by an I4 turbo - probably "S20B20" or something like that.

Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
The most logical posts in this thread.
Here's why the V6 doesn't make sense to me. To make the V6, you not only have to invest in a unique block including both design and manufacturing concerns. You also have to work out the balance issues of a 90 degree V6. In short, it costs a lot of money to develop a new engine. We know M is spending lots of the R&D budget on weight management right now on so I question the notion that they can meet an M3 cost requirements with all this new kit.

Instead, why wouldn't they just destroke the S63 to 3.3L or 3.5L? It would cost much, much less, it would mean almost all parts can be shared with the 4.4L version, and it would mean more money to spend on other important parts of the car (lighter weight suspension and chassis). Keep in mind, all past BMW V8 families - the M60, M62 and N62 (which includes the S62) - came in multiple displacements so there is some precendent for this. Now, you may say - well why didn't they just destroke the S85 for the M3 then too? Well, that's a fair point, but as we know a V10 is a tight, tight fit for the E9x chassis. On the other hand, a V8 will fit easily, and since the F3x chassis will be no smaller, A V8 will fit easily there too. Also, they already had the 90 degree block for the V10, so a V8 is a no brainer since you want that to be 90 degrees anyway. Granted, the V8 will weigh a bit more than the V6 would. And that's bad when they are trying to cut weight. But, the money you spend on the V6 could easily mean cutting back in the development in lighter parts elsewhere. You can cut money out of the engine in other ways (see GM's new CTS 3.6L for MY2012).

Now, am I saying I think they will do this? No, not necessarily. I just think that if they were looking at a motor with a V layout for the M3 with around ~3L displacement that this scenario makes way more sense. However, I still believe that the M3 will have an I6 instead. Don't get me wrong, I wish it were a small displacement V8.
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