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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I read and understood it just fine though, Uli.

You guys need to appreciate and accept the realities of building the complex electro-mechanical machines that are modern automobiles. You don't go into bubba's shop, grab a sawzall, lob off two cylinders from the front or back of the engine and call it done. The whole thing needs to be reengineered from the ground up. Just look at the differences between the S65 and S85 for some examples. And again, that completely ignores the balance issues. Or look at how much companies like RS motorsports spend on the Hayabusa V8s. It's just two I4s, so it's easy right? Wrong. Those things took years to develop and perfect.

It's simply not realistic to think that a V6 based on the N63 is elementary to design or even likely to materialize. Is it possible? Sure, anything is. But spending that heap of cash on an M3 motor when they already have an I6 seems like a undertaking of dubious tangible value. I am skeptical at best.

I donīt think that it was easy (or really cheap) to develop an V6 from the S63 V8TT ... so if the BMW does this, there must be strange reasons for doing so ... clear is that an 3.0ltr. I6 with BiTurbo layout based on the N55 couldnīt reach the wished HP-Numbers from 450+ without reliability issues ... so they developed the 3.5ltr. I6TTT, that some people have allready seen in an early M3 F30 Prototype ... so one reason could be that also this engine develops problems, so that they had to change the engine choise - we have here an thread, were it was discussed that it wouldnīt be so easy to bring an N55 engine block to 3.5ltr.(!) ... the other reason only could be that an compact V6 layout better fits into the new lightweight thinking of BMW M.