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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
I disagree. BMW is dominating the motorsport world, they just finished a 1 2 or 1 3 victory in the Le Mans series in california in M3s up against 911 GT3 etc.

I agree that M cars have become overweight, but this is BMW catering to American sized people and a thirst for HP - bigger engines simply weigh more and require more counter balancing.

If BMW were to build the M cars that they want to build, the pure die-hard M cars, the general public wouldn't buy them (or be able to afford the lightweight parts), and BMW M wouldn't have the profits to continue its existence.
Again, I respectfully disagree. Dominate is definitely too strong of a word. BMW may have won a few races recently, but Porsche ultimately has the highest number of wins.

M cars are not bigger because Americans are overweight. M cars are getting bigger in size and thus weight more. Plus, they keep adding a lot of luxury features that weight down the car.

M cars cost 60-120k. That is a good grip of change. For that money, I am sure they can include more weight saving items if they really wanted to without increase the prices sky high. Besides, they already are saving R & D money by sharing the platform with the regular series.