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Sorry to go off-topic, but it seems none of you understand:

If the M5 F10 is really 60 kg lighter than 550i it means BMW M was able to make the car alot lighter yet having added weight by suspenssion, engine and other upgrades, what is not the case of when comparing 335i E92 and M3 E92.

If the X3 F25 is 30 kg lighter than the X3 E83, it means the next 3 Series F30 will also be lighter than the 3 Series E90, as the X3 F25 is built on the new 3 Series F30 platform.

If the M3 EVO E90 and M3 CSL E92 are previews of lightweight technology for the next M3 F32, than the M3 F32 will really be very light using the lastest "lightweight strategy" that starts by BMW i and will go over to BMW M before beign used for all BMW cars as much as possible.

That the next M3 F32 will be lighter than the M3 E92 is certain, I heard it will even be lighter than the M3 E46.
I say the M3 F32 will weigh between 1500 kg and 1550 kg (DIN). And if you do not believe here is how to calculate it:
Let us say 340i F30 will be about 40 kg lighter than 335i E90, it would give 1560 kg (DIN). Now the 3 Series Coupé F32 loses 10 kg, that gives 1550 kg (DIN). Then the M3 F32 gets 30 kg of performance upgrades, but loses another 60 kg thanks to CF roof, hood, doors and trunk (just as the M3 EVO E90) and other lightweight technologies, and here you get a 1520 kg (DIN) M3 F32.

All these speculations will be revealed in the next month by the 1 Series F20, than is built on the same platform as the 3 Series F30, and on the weight saving of the M5 F10 and M3 EVO.
For the 1 Series F20 it should be so: take the 128i with the TT 2.0l I4 and add ~100 kg to get the weight of a 3 Series F30, and another ~100 kg to get the weight of 340i with the TT 3.0l I6. Then take away ~50 kg for the M3 and there you get the weight.
Try: 1400 kg + 100 kg + 100 kg - 50 kg = 1550 kg

The next M3 F32 weighs 1550 kg (DIN), if not better !!!
Same for the next M2 F22, it will weigh 1450 kg (DIN) if not better.
I expect the M3 CSL F32 to weigh 1400 kg (DIN).

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