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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
That the next M3 F32 will be lighter than the M3 E92 is certain

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post

Levi: Look I am not debating that BMW is getting better and perhaps will finally recognize some of their promises of "Efficient Dynamics". Your "evidence" though is a tremendous amount of ifs. Similarly there are contrary trends as well such as the huge weight gain from the E60 to F10 550i.
  1. I now see your intended relevance of the F20. I did not know that about the F20 (I just don't follow BMW closely enough outside of the M cars). However, I'm still not too sure that the F20 weight will really tell us much about the M3. Too many other differences to make a comparison. The data point is relvant just not highly relevant in my opinion.
  2. Similarly, special editions like the EVO and CSL don't mean much of anything. They are super low volume specials with parts that can not be afforded to put on production volume cars.
  3. You can't deny the weight gains at many component levels required to go from a normal series to an M series car. Parts need to be more durable to put up with more stress and abuse and typically the only way to do so (cost effectively) is to add weight.
  4. Carbon fiber based composites used in the body of the M3 compared to existing existing SMC (also a composite just not CF) would probably lead to weight gain not weight loss. Also the use of CF for STRUCTURAL parts of the main body is probably something very far out in the future.

Either way we should probably start a new or revise prior threads on weight estimates for the new M3 . My weight estimate of ~3600 lb (closer to 1650 kg) was given in my thread on performance modeling of the new M3 here.
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