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Surprise! BMW M3 CS Confirmed in First Spy Pics! [Updated with videos]

BMW M3 CS Confirmed in First Spy Pics!

Just as the BMW M4 CS is getting ready hit customer's hands, the F80 M3 CS has now been spotted for the first time! The M3 CS will represent the top M3 model as it's positioned above the Competition package and unlike the M4 there is currently no GTS model sitting atop the M3 range.

Expect the M3 CS to share mechanicals and boast similar performance to the M4 CS. That means a power output of 460 horsepowers (10 more than Competition Package) from the same 3.0L turbo inline six, good for 0-60 in just under 4 seconds (M4 CS is quoted from 0-62mph in 3.9s). It will feature a 7 speed DCT and no manual option is expected.

Suspension and tires will be shared with the M4 CS as well. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires will keep the M3 CS glued to the ground which should allow it to lap the Nurburgring close to the M4 CS's 7:38 Nurburgring time. The Active M Differential will be specifically tuned just for the M3 CS. M carbon ceramic brakes will be an option.

Beyond the performance similarities, these spy photos show that the M3 CS will also share styling and aero with the M4 CS -- the CS-specific carbon fiber hood, front splitter lip, and trunk spoiler lip. The interior will feature lightweight door pulls and lightweight door panels.

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