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Arrow F80 M3 / F82 M4 Spy Photos, Videos, and Facts/Rumors Compilation

Expected to hit the market in 2014, the F80 M3 has been conducting road testing since the summer of 2011. Here is the most up to date facts known about the F80 M3 (as of February 2013):
  • Lighter than current M3
    • targeting E46 M3 weight (source)
  • More powerful than current M3
    • approximately same HP (confirmation?), but around 100 lb-ft more torque (in range of 395 lb-ft) (source)
  • Faster than current M3
  • More efficient than current M3
  • Powered by "S55" inline 6 cylinder multi turbo engine (source, source, source)
  • Nearly 8000 RPM redline (told to us by high-ranking BMW M Official intimately involved in BMW M3/M4 development - source)
  • DCT and manual transmission options
  • Optional M Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • Rumored Electric Power Steering (completely reworked for precision for M3/M4)
  • Prototype Tires (from prototype) - Michelin Pilot Super Sport: 255/35/19 (front), 275/35/19 (rear)
  • Front styling to feature elements from the M6 and 1M coupe, with Air Curtain technology
  • Hood features power bump / dome
  • Kidney grilles feature double-slats with M3/M4 badge
  • Carbon fiber front seats
  • Both F80 M3 and F82 M4 will feature double-bubble sculpted carbon fiber roof (like M6 Coupe) with optional sunroof and carbon fiber trunk
  • M4 features CSL-style trunk
  • Concept M4 Coupe debuted at Pebble Beach Concours in August 2013 (see our coverage)
  • Production M3 and M4 will be introduced together at Detroit Auto Show 2014
  • Ordering for M3/M4 begins in January-February 2014
  • Production of M3/M4 begins sometime in March-May window
  • Regularly delivery and European Delivery begins late Spring - Summer 2014
  • Pricing: BMW is trying its best to hold pricing close to the outgoing M3, albeit with adjustments made to reflect additional standard equipment that the F80 M3 and F82 M4 will come with. No promises here though.

Stay tuned for more information on the F80 M3 sedan and keep track of our ongoing coverage:

BMW M4 Coupe and Convertible Prototypes - Sept. 13, 2013

BMW M4 Convertible Prototype

BMW M4 Coupe Prototype

F80 M3 Prototypes in More Colors - Sept. 12, 2013

BMW F80 M3 Prototypes

Recent M3/M4 Sightings at Lower Speeds


M4 Convertible (F83) Spotted - 8/28/13

BMW M4 Convertible (F83) Prototype

M4 and M3 Drop Leave Little Camo On - 8/27/13

F80 M3 Prototype

Newest BMW M4 Prototype Sighting

M4 and M3 Drop Some Camo - Showing CSL Style Trunk, Mirrors, Carbon Fiber Seats - 8/5/13

Latest videos and photos of M3/M4 prototypes show carbon fiber front seats, two-pronged mirrors, CSL style trunk on M4. Full discussions/analysis @

F80 M3 and F82 M4 Shed Some Camouflage

FEP F82 M4 Prototype Driven Hard at the Nurburgring - 7/28/13

BMW F82 M4 Coupe

FEP F80 M3 Prototypes Driven Hard at the Nurburgring - 7/18/13

FEP F80 M3 Sedan Reveals More

Summary of the notable things seen on this advanced F80 M3 prototype:
  • Shares front fascia with M4 Coupe
    • same headlights
    • Air Curtains
    • LED headlights
    • Double slat kidney grilles with M3 badge
  • Production wheels
  • Tunk spoiler lip
  • Front air breather vent positions and shape more clearly seen
  • Double bubble carbon fiber roof
  • Carbon fiber trunk
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Side mirrors still camouflaged
  • Integrated front seat headrests
  • M3 CRT like rear headrests

FEP F80 M3 Prototype - July 16, 2013

F82 M4 Coupe Video from Nurburgring - July 11, 2013

First Sighting of F80 M3 Sedan with Camouflaged (Carbon Fiber) Roof - 7/6/13

F82 M4 coupe on Nurburgring - in Silverstone and sporting M Carbon Ceramic Brakes - May 22, 2013

Latest M4 Coupe Prototype on Nurburgring - in Silverstone II

F82 M4 coupe in Silvestone, showing off its wide fenders - April 26, 2013

F80 M3 Hits the Nurburgring Again - April 17, 2013

F80 M3 Spotted Again in US - Los Angeles - April 5, 2013

Closest Look Yet at the BMW M4 Coupe. Now Testing M Carbon Ceramic Brakes - March 13, 2013

We have spied the F82 M4 coupe again and here is the most revealing look yet. With the great look that we have here, here's a list of notable elements that we see.

• Double slatted kidney grilles
• M4 badge on kidney grilles (a la M6) (currently covered)
• LED headlights
• LED tail lights
• Carbon ceramic brakes (optional) being tested in signature gold color (just as on F80 M3 prototype)
• Hood power dome/bulge
• Sculpted double-bubble carbon fiber roof (like M6 Coupe)
• Production side mirrors (still under camouflage)
• Integrated trunk spoiler
• Wide fenders
• Slanted exhaust tips
• Production sideskirts
• Wearing Continental ContiSportContact tires - 275/35 rear (like F80 M3)
• Gap in front fender for air breather vent? Location is too high to be the same 'boomerang' vent seen on the 3 Series GT and 4 Series Coupe prototypes, but it could take another form on the M4.
• Rear bumper design more clearly seen through camouflage now, which appears to have an aggressive squared-off design at the edges - a bit like the the F30 M Sport rear bumper.

Closest Look Yet at the BMW M4 Coupe (F82)

F82 M4 Coupe Drops Some Camo - February 26, 2013

So, what revealing things do we see in this new sighting?

• Double slatted kidney grilles.
• LED headlights
• LED tail lights
• Sculpted double-bubble carbon fiber roof (a la M6 Coupe)
• Production side mirrors (but still under camouflage)
• Integrated trunk spoiler
• Deliciously wide rear stance

2014 BMW M3 (F80) Advances to Testing BMW M Carbon Ceramic Brakes - January 16, 2013

BMW M3 F80 Prototype with M Carbon Ceramic Brakes

BMW F80 M3 Sedan Continues Track Testing - October 25, 2012

BMW F82 M4 Coupe Spied Again - Back at the Nurburgring - October 5, 2012

BMW M4 Coupe (F82)

BMW 2014 F80 M3 Engine (Turbo Inline 6) Physically Exposed! - September 13, 2012

More 2014 BMW M3 F80 Videos: 3 Minutes Blasting On and Around Nurburgring - August 14, 2012

F80 M3 lets air curtain slip - September 12, 2012

Newest Spy Video from Hot Climate Testing in Spain - August 9, 2012

2015 BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Spied! - July 17, 2012

*Click on images for hi-resolution version*



First Look at M6-like Front End Styling - July 2012

** Click on images for high resolution versions **

F80 M3 Spy Photos - Death Valley - 7/31/12

Front Tires - Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/19

Rear Tires - Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35/19

First Hood Bump/Bulge Photos from July 2012

*Click on images for hi-resolution version*

Nurburgring Test Video and Photos from April 2012

Winter Testing Videos from March 2012

More Revealing F80 M3 Spy Photos - 2/28/12

More revealing F80 M3 spy photos - 2/28/12

M3 F80 Spy Pics


F80 M3 continues public roads testing.

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First Video of 2013 BMW M3 (F80) On and Around Nurburgring in Performance Testing!


First Video of 2013 BMW M3 (F80) On and Around Nurburgring in Performance Testing!

Original thread:

First sighting with manual transmission!


First sighting with manual transmission!

Original thread:




First F80 M3 Video!

Original thread:





* Click on images for larger resolution versions

F80/F82 M3 grille and intercooler:

F30 3-series grille:



* Click on images for larger resolution versions

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