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F80 engine

Hi there!

I think, itīs time to come here for me!
Iīm German and Iīm discussing the F80 in the german M- Forum for about 3 years by now at least!
Additional I do know some people with very good connections to BMW and the M-GmbH.

The V6 rumor is quite old, it began in early 2011 and lasts up to today -as you know.

I never believed the "leaked" VINīs or the very unusual high quality engine bay pics (never ever seen anything like this before!!!).
But for me the F80 engine sound always was the most convincing argument we will get something very special!
The sound analysis you shortly could read here I did by myself too, more than one year ago, using the same software.
I could post the link here, but unfortunately the German M-Forum is a closed "member only" Forum, so you wouldnīt see it!

I measured exactly 7950 RPM in at least 4 different max-RPM shiftings, filmed in several years!
Itīs pretty safe to say no N55/54 engine would deliver RPMs this high!
Additional the german rumors (Source: Please read my conclusions later on) of 3,2 to 3,3 liters capacity are so insistend... another hint, the N5X engine basis should be challenged...

But the most important and most impressive hint is the sound itsself!
How often did I read statements like "typical I6", "Yes, like my Performance exhaust on my 335is" or the like.

Sorry, but this is a) not true and b) wrong!

People hearing "typical I6" should go to the nearest ear specialist, Iīm sorry!
I did some comparisons, online on YouTube für months! Some of you may already know them!

Hereīs the most convincing comparison video:

Here you can hear a short F80 <> Masarati Ghibli comparison:

and here you can hear the brand new Alpina B3 BiTurbo N55 engine, recorded by myself:


Trust me: Even with open valves (Alpina F30 has an Akrapovic valved exhaust as standard) there is no !!! similarity to the deep, throaty and on high RPMīs raspy F80 sound!
The most important feature of the F80 Sound:
The F80 engine definitely has a harsh (or better: rough?) note in its combustions. Somehing none I6 ever had or ever will have!
If you donīt hear it, please use a good headset and try again! Itīs there!

So, now we have some facts and we have some presumptions and predictions, letīs have a summary:

We most likely will get an engine with:
- nearly 8.000 RPM max
- "one of the best engines BMW has ever made", quote Dr. Nitschke
- an (I6) engine shown clearly in 2011 in high-quality pics and now carefully hided behind dividers and privacy walls
- 3,2 to 3,3 l capacity according to the the german rumors (this is inside information from M-Gmbh, Iīve personally spoken to one, letīs say THE BMW M-engine-Guru!!)
- the official statement, whenever M-GmbH employees meet fans or customers is: It will be a six cylinder. No I6, no V6 will be confirmed by now!
- and, for me - as Dr. Sound- most important: An engine sounding absolutely zero like any known I6, no matter how many Turbos you use!

My conclusion: We will get the V6!
And yes, this engine will be one of the best engines BMW has ever made!

There are many, many other smaller hints I didnīt mention here (f.e. the M5 sales desaster, the realization of the importance of distinguishing the F80 from an F30 Performance or Alpina F30, the very unusual place and date for an M3 Concept (Pebble Beach) and its connection to the F80 zero-series production beginning next month and so on and so on...)

Yes, to all of you I6-believers, there is a high ouput I6 existing which was mounted to a righthanddrive F80 mule... and thats it!
Any other seriously testing F80 you have seen or heared since 2011 had the V6 in it! Trust your ears!

Many greetings from Germany... Ingo

And sorry for my terrible english!