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Originally Posted by EMpunker View Post
All cars end up looking dated in one way or another.

You also have to realize that, just because you have a romantic affection for a car does not mean that it won't look outdated by the majority of the population. With very few exceptions, to the typical eye, old cars look old and new cars look new. It's just the way it is - it's the designers and engineers doing their jobs.

If you are hoping to buy an F8x (or any car) with the notion that "This is the one. I'm committing for life", well it's a nice fantasy, but it's going to wear off. You'll want the next great thing, or at best, if you really have some patience, the next great one after that. Just buy the car knowing you'll get a few good years from it, drive the hell out of it while you have it, and just be happy you get to experience it for that time.
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