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Originally Posted by ChrisMT79 View Post
For some reason I prefer this F80 M3 than I did the E90 when it came out.
I don't think I will ever prefer the new generation over the old, but my excuse is that the old one was a dream for me. In a way, I had to (finally) grow up last spring, and as a distraction the image of that one worked perfectly.

To most posters cars are pieces of metal, to me they are memories. I link them heavily with a situation where I first saw them, and I always remember when I first drove them.

The former M3 will be the dream for me, but the grown up in me didn't allow to chase that more than for two months. The new one will be something else for me personally, but none the less the feelings will stay, just in different forms.

So to answer to the original question, No, this car will not age well, but it will do it with me, and by doing so, one time someone will remember the moment they saw their first M4, and maybe that will stick with them trough their life and they will be the ones continuing forums like these.

Sentimentality is a bitch as always.