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Originally Posted by Alpine F31 View Post
Your implication is that "dated" is bad.

This is the best looking BMW coupe EVER to my eyes, and it's "dated" as hell.

It's probably older than most of you posting, that would be my guess.

Oh, and to all the people that complain about the "lights touching the grill" and the "straight hood line" on some of the F series cars, learn your history! (Yes I know the straight hood line cut on the new cars is a pedestrian safety thing but still!)
Maybe he ment that the car will look older than it's years. We old folks just have to learn to live with the tides of time, and allow our self the memory lane. Again, I really want a convertible Saab from the 90' (can't remember the model, and i sure as hell will not ask from the source of memories) and it would never be cause of the beauty of the car, it's just nasty now, then it was just awful.