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Oh no, this one is hotter. She is the aspiring "actress". I think she picked the Volt. I know they also checked out the Solar Orange i3 on that episode too.
I remember her, she worked at a tech company. Kept talking about looking good when she pulled up for interviews and wanting something. High tech and green. She was actually in something I watched. She had that horrible Honda Accord with the ridiculous monthly payment. She trashed that car. She didn't clean it and the interior was filled with junk. I feel bad for the Volt.

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Please do share about the data plan. I think I will get one too. I have AT&T. Would it better to add the roaming plan or just buy a different sim?
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Roaming is a rip off. Best option is to get a cheap unlocked phone and buy a data sim in Europe. Waiting to see what Onerib's experience was. I already lost the link to what he said he used.
Here is the quick skinny on the sim card. It was through Ortel mobile and I would recommend it, but with a few suggestions.

1) While you can buy it in Germany, I recommend spending the extra to get one shipped home first. The reason for this is I wasted too much time trying to set it up and the cashier didn't activate it. I had to go back and another cashier apologized and said she was new. Also it gives you a better chance of setting it up and linking it to your credit card so you can always top it off. I couldn't get my credit card to do it while I was there and it wanted me to call an 800 number (good luck with that in Europe).

2) If you don't do any of the above, save yourself the hassle and buy extra refill cards. I only bought a $10 recharge card on the way out of Munich to activate the Cross option (recommend) and I could not find any in Italy at all. Screwed myself by accidentally seeing photos out through my phone (thought I was using Wi-Fi). I you know you're staying in Germany, it shouldn't matter, but anywhere else and you could be screwed.

3) Lastly, I had no trouble getting it to work on my phone (2nd gen Moto X orders from Motorola), but had to mess around with my wife's phone to get it to work (brand new Galaxy S6). My feeling is because I ordered mine from Motorola directly, Verizon didn't mess with it. My wife bough the phone in a corporate Verizon store and I'm sure while they activated it, they put all the standard Verizon crap on it and kept it semi-locked. This is another reason why I recommend you get it before you leave.
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