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I don't understand this obsession with race cars for grandpas. DCT is here to stay and will be the default transmission for any performance car going forward. This is a "Competition" version, why would it not have the faster transmission?
Of course DCT is here to stay. No doubt in that. But if you did understand, you would know that it's actually quite fun and engaging chugging through the gears on a car like an M3/M4, instead of mashing your right foot whenever you want to go fast (which is fine, if you prefer that.) It has nothing to do with grandpa or whatever you're saying; I've fell in love with stick ever since I drove my first stick car and never looked back.

I take my mountain bike on a trail nearby my house at times. These days I see people zooming through the trail on their motorized bikes. Sh*t they go fast as hell and does look fun at times, but would I get on one of those motorized ones? Hmmmm... nah. Am I a grandpa? Uh... no. Probably younger than you, frankly.

I'm 29 and i've only owned stick. Autos put me to sleep.

Do not get the appeal of the DCT at all, considering most guys don't track their cars. The stop and go traffic argument holds some merit, but still not worth the slight increase in comfort vs the total loss of driving engagement. But that's just me
Commute 70 miles roundtrip in LA rush hour traffic for 15 years in a manual like I did so you can understand why I love DCT. Now that I have DCT I no longer have that commute but still love the DCT over my 6 spd e46 m3. Must be my age. If i can have a sporty yet reasonably comfortable car with some amenities, why not?