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Originally Posted by Levente_CSL View Post
wow why so butthurt man? thats not the point. Porsche is RWD too, and has less power. do you understand it? i work for BMW and i own an M3 CSL original and an M2 too.
Not butthurt at all haha. It is just a stupid comparison. Good for you for working for BMW? I do not see why that matters. But sure that's cool.

All I am saying is that the fact that a car that cost 30-40k more to own beats a car that is cheaper is not some crazy failure by BMW. The same way that a Hellcat destroying a base mustang is not shocking either.

Apples to oranges man. Who gives a shit about RWD and less power when it is lighter and better designed (which you pay a premium for).

If that is how we are comparing things, isn't it shocking how this car

beats the GTS. Stupid Porsche. Man, this means they must suck now.

I am being pedantic, but in all seriousness, it is not a fair comparison and you know that. There are plenty of other comparisons out there you could make to bash on the M4CS that are justified. This is not one of them.
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