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Originally Posted by BMW M3 CRT View Post
Somehow, the leaked pictures in the context of the leaked Video act a little staged.
Because of the only possible location of the photographer, this one should actually be seen in the video and also the filmmaker of the video on the last pictures.
In any case, it is impossible that photographer and filmmaker are one person, unless the departure from the gas station took place twice = staging of BMW!
You are right. Those are 2 different times that the car visited the gas station. Here's why:
1, The drivers are different or wearing different shirts,
2, The point where the indicator (blinkers) are switched on are different between the video and pictures,
3, There is no photographer in the video where there should have been in order to snap the photos we see.

Not sure if it was staged or if the car consumes too much petrol (gas) or if the first visit was with minimal fuel to set the official best lap time with the lightest weight .

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