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Originally Posted by ///M4ster Yoda View Post
I'm perplexed by the 4 series (particularly the F82) EOP for 2019.

Anyone have any insight into why February?
I'm just guessing, but I think they simply want to keep MY2019 to 12 months. And, rather than having the M4 on a different schedule again, they end it at the same time so everything starts at the same time for MY2020.

It isn't uncommon for a model year to go longer than 12 months, but they seem to try to limit them to 12. Of course, in the final year of production for a generation, it often goes over. So, assuming the predicted dates hold for the end of these models' lifespans, we will see MY2020 for the 4 Series and M4 go from March 2019 until June 2020 for the coupes and until October 2020 for the convertibles.