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Today we are proud to announce the public release of our first MHD+ feature, ethanol content reading over CANBUS for F-series S55/N55/N13.

CANBUS sensor integration allows a truly flexible way for users to add a multitude of sensor inputs and outputs to the DME, as you are no longer limited by the number of "available physical pins." For the initial release, we have provided deep integration for two popular devices: the Motiv Motorsport Re|Flex, and the Zeitronix ECA-2 CAN.

Hooking up the Zeitronix ECA-2 CAN and flashing with our flash option preset for it will allow you to view and log Ethanol % and Fuel temperature (as pictured).
Hooking up the Motiv Re|Flex and flashing with our flash option preset for it will allow you to view and log Ethanol %, Port Injection DC, Port Injector errors, as well as the Re|Flex's auxiliary input and output data.

We have also added in depth safeties and failsafes surrounding this integration. For example, if there is an issue with a CAN sensor signal (timeout, etc), ethanol water contamination, Re|Flex PI injector issue, etc, the car will throw a check engine light and enter a low power limp mode for safety. The "Read Codes" screen in MHD will show these new custom diagnostic codes such as MHD001, MHD002 etc along with the description (as pictured). These error codes function exactly like OEM: they are properly debounced, maintain a "shadow code" copy when appropriate, and can be configured individually if they should / shouldn't cause a low power limp mode! We want to ensure 100% safety is maintained with all new features.

As you may have guessed, this all ties in directly with one of our next upcoming features, FlexFuel! Stay tuned!
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