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Originally Posted by SpecialEdition_F87 View Post
Due to no failures under 600whp Iíll only be going with the CBC. If I decide to upgrade the turbos which is slim to no chance Iíll go with a spline lock v2 or a 4 pin. But as of now makes no sence to drop 4k when data backs up zero failures with a CBC under 6
Please re-read what I stated. I haven't seen any CBC only failures under 600 whp in the past year. That is a very different statement than "there are no failures under 600 whp". There have been CBC only failures, none posted on this forum but we've (VTT and affiliated shops that I'd have visibility into) have seen them. The complete solution is and always has been to address both means of crank hub deficiencies, which is vibe (CBC) and insufficient torque capability even with appropriate bolt torque (hub).

This gets twisted and posted, and re-posted by those looking to assuage their own concerns, and pretty soon it ends up with "you're promised to not have any issues as long as you are under 600 whp". Simply isn't true -just that I haven't seen any in the past year. Could be that most of the S55's being tuned and aggressively driven have already slipped and had the whole package replaced... could have been dealt with at other shops, lots of factors and possibilities. My observations were offered as a courtesy to be used with a grain of salt from my (limited) observation viewpoint, nothing more. Time does tend to weed out the frequency of occurrences, simply because the platform is aging.

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