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- I find the M4 look a bit too bloated. E9X size should've been the limit to how much a 3/4 series should be. The E46 is the perfect size
- E46 wheel arches are the best ones. I had to look a lot harder to notice the ones on the F82.
- Compared to their non M, base models, the M4 made the most improvement. The M4 made the headlight -> grill work for me. With that said I LOVE the grill on it except for the M4 badge.
- The M4 made the two others look very dated.
- Best ass: E46 > E92 > F82. Best Face: F82 < E92 < E46. Best Side: E92 > E46 > F82
- I would like to see F82 without the lip (can someone link a photoshop'd pic?). I think the F82 has the most aesthetic potential.

E90 LCI M3 w/ 359's is still my favorite M3. I just can't bring myself to love the F82 or even the E92 in pictures. An E92 in real life is GORGEOUS. I can't wait to see (and hear) an F82 in real life.