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Originally Posted by minn19 View Post
Maybe not especially bad, but this would piss me off. It seems nobody respects anybodies property anymore. I dropped off my F30 for a service appointment a couple of years ago and ran in to get some parts. When I came back out there were three techs standing around my car yukking it up. One of them was leaning on my trunk with both of his elbows talking to his buddies. I hate being "that guy", but I walked over and as calm as I could muster asked him to get off of my trunk because I put enough scratches in my own car by myself. An SA saw this and came over and got between us pretty quick. Like you said, not the end of the world, but very annoying and disrespectful.
Agree entirely. The lack of respect or cluelessness is astonishing, especially at BMW service where you would expect a higher level of service.

Edit: I definitely didn't go all out Hulk on them since they still have my Summer wheels/tires in storage, but I did immediately write the service manager and called BMWNA about the matter to try to resolve it as best as possible.

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