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Originally Posted by RealStig View Post
Well they didn't this time around, I don't know what to tell you

What I can tell you is going from 4.2 seconds in M5 to 3.9 seconds in M3 is going to feel a lot faster than 0.3 seconds in real life. The decrease in times requires far better traction and handling which will result in a strong kickback in your seat that resembles an exponential graph. So comparing a 4.2s car to 3.9s car is not like comparing a 4.5s car to 4.2s car. M3 is going to feel a lot more torquey and fast in addition to being actually fast on paper, even though the M5 has more than 100 lb/ft torque advantage.

I drove an M5 so I know exactly how it rides and I cannot begin to think how this thing is going to feel like. Don't let the 410 lb/ft torque figure mislead you. In fact, I think it may be too fast to the point of being uncomfortable for the others in the car when used in sport+ mode (M5 almost felt that way, but I'd say it was right on the limit of being scary vs comfortable fast).
You're still stuck on 0-60 times. see my links above. Again, M5 is faster than E63S. E63S is rated at 3.4s 0-60.
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