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Exclamation HELP! BMW 528i Overheated may have blown engine!

I have a 97 528i, noticed a hissing noise from the radiator pressure valve, was going to pick up part for it. Drove it to a client, got there and noticed that the valve cap broke off. Left client and noticed the temp went to half in about 3 minute, I was already on the freeway with a 5 month old in the backseat, so couldnt just stop. I got off freeway, and right when exiting steam/smoke starting coming from engine and car stalled. Luckily there was a gas station right there off ramp and was able to coast in. Smoke/steamed (couldnt tell really what it was but did smell like coolant obviously) for a few minutes, didnt try starting it but towed home. After a bit I checked radiator resevoir and seemed it only needed a little to fill. Checked the engine oil to see if coolant was mixed with it and it seems ok, but cant tell unless I drain it. The battery had died so I jumped it and it did start, but wouldn't stay in idle, wanted to just stall, so I had to keep foot somewhat on gas to stay on. When i would hake foot off gas it would just start to stall, and did when I took foot off. There was a slight engine smell also, and the engine compartment has dried white spray in it in some places but not everywhere.(Im sure from spraying of coolant)

Would it still start if I completely blew the engine?

Anyone have any ideas what could have happened in a complete overheat? (with the symptoms I am talking about?

I would appreciate anyones feedback, this car is in perfect condition and it makes me sad I may have ruined it over a $2.50 valve piece.
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