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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Audi's plans are still not known for sure, but Mercedes' are. Google "M177 V8".

Though the fact is that both have used FI V6 engines in this class in the past - not just Audi; I agree with you that Audi seems more eager to downsize the number of cylinders in their products.
Because the smaller RS3 has an complete different platform, for which it is impossible to use an V6TT engine, I donīt think that Audi RS would develop an engine for the RS4/5 only ... I think they would go the AMG way with only one engine for all RS cars from midsized sedan/coupe-class up ... the 4.0ltr.V8TT from the RS6 !!!

Also in the past Audi RS was more involved in hp-wars with AMG than the M-GmbH ... so I donīt think they wouldnīt give the RS4/5 an snaller engine than AMG would put into its C55(?)/63.