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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Well yes all M engines had their roots in standard BMW engines
But at least they put in a little effort in making them different
I think the difference between the n55 and the s55 will be much smaller
Both will be turbo
No individual throttle bodies ( which other than the parts bin 1m) was the norm
Now with the m5 and m3
It's basically a stock engine plus a different tune

The problem I see is why am I paying so much more for the m3/4 now?
It's not for bespoke parts anymore
The m3/4 will become a 335 plus a tune
Which I can add to the 335 for less than a $1000
Yet we dont even know, that can Bmw engineer valvetronic system to handle near 8000rpm. As well, they must know that big market ares prefers V8 and this is huge downgrade. So engine cannot be like tuned N55, or you cannot take same power/feel on N55 and it need to be more instant response engine. Near 8000rpm red line gives very much opportunities, everyone knows that more revs and engine breath better naturally, so no need to add so much boost which means less lag and more NA engine feel.

So how much they share parts? I think not much, inter alia? Crank, cylinder head, rods, cams and block is difference on S54 compare to M54, so I think there must be same like difference compared N55 and S55, higher red line need stronger bearings to eliminate increasing forces. Cylinder head need flow better and cams need to be difference if engine delivers power on higher revs.