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Originally Posted by autopal View Post
Is this a music video or a car video? An important hallmark of any high performance car is the sound. Everything about the car is perfect, except the sound. I know it's a 6 cylinder, but, unlike AMG, BMW seems to not make the effort to make their car sound good, its like they are forcing us to support companies like Akrapovic. Look at the CLA 45 AMG, only a 4 cylinder, but you can see the effort by the AMG boys to make it sound decent.
I think the F80 M3 is really exciting. I'm curious and surprised that so many BMW fans are so bent out of shape about the sound. Why? Never mind that they haven't even heard it, BMW M3s have never sounded good!

I used to own an E46 M3. It sounded weird, metallic, and raspy. I didn't much care for the sound. I thought the baffles might be loose and vibrating in the muffler.

Then I bought an E90 M3. It sounded a lot better than the E46 but it was still weird and raspy when compared to other V8s. I owned a C6 Corvette for example and it sounded way better than the S65. Way better. Need further proof that the E9x M3 didn't sound great? Look at the hundreds if not thousands of folks who immediately replace their E9x exhaust to make the car sound better.

Then I thought about an M5 when I started looking at the new M3 and you know what? That F10 M5 might be the worst sounding M car ever made.

So when the F80 M3 doesn't sound that great, are you really surprised? Or are you just disappointed and angry? Personally, I don't expect M cars to sound good because none of them do or ever have.

Time to move on, nothing to see here.