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So here is where I am at with lease end now

Dealership has the car in for the drivershaft recall, so they also worked out the lease end buy out options for me.

The option they provided was to CPO the car , said it needs new tires (it's not below lease end spec but for CPO they want new tires), and would add $4500 above residual. The car is $42,000 in residual + $4500 to CPO + any nonsense dealer fees I may not know yet.

All similar 2017 CPO M4s I've seen on the market are around $54k. So I am assuming coming up to $49.5K to buy the car back (Res+CPO+ Tax).. is worth it? Am I missing anything?

I also asked for the current set of tires to be given back to me so I can use them someday for a track day/tire blowout, etc.

They said (which I don't believe) BMW is only selling the car back to them at residual due to it's market value.

With this dealership I wasn't expecting stellar pricing , and much negotiating at all. They are the type that says here is the price, and if you don't buy they rather loose out on the profit than negotiate. Weird I know... that's why I bought the car from Steve Thomas (David/Jimmy) to begin with.

Considering extended platinum warranty for 7 yrs / 75k miles is another $6250. Getting CPO (which is 6 years total with new tires ) for $4500 seems not too bad

Good / Bad deal?
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