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I have to place an order for my next car, which will be a M4 CP, I will be in Munich in April. My question is, are the discounts set when you do a ED? Any negotiation between my dealer on price?

This is my second BMW, I will be trading in a '17 X6 50i, I like the car but I want something more suited for the track.

Any other tips for a first time ED'er would be great.

BTW, I am in Wisconsin, my closest two dealers are Rochester MN, and Milwaukee WI

Thank You,
I think BMW caveats the 5% ED discount with "at participating dealers" which means some will do it and some won't. When I went to place my order for one of the last of the line M3's there were no allocations left at all in the country. Eventually my dealer figured out how to get one by calling in favors and whatnot but it meant I didn't get the full 5% discount due to this timing. Bad luck I guess...

Definitely shop around. Make sure the dealer actually has an allocation for an M4 build and that they are willing to do the Euro delivery. No actual allocation then just walk away.

And don't feel obligated to shop only in your immediate area. You can order anywhere within XX miles radius, and make an adventure drive back home when it gets redelivered. Or, widen the net and decide on PCD delivery in which case you can shop around anywhere in the US for the best deal.

Forgot to say, by the look of things the euro delivery may be going the way of the dodo, could be phased out soon. So if you've ever wanted to do one, now is the time and don't worry about a 2% discount, the experience more than makes up for it. Check out my ED post in the Photos section.
Why do you think ED is going away? Mexican BMWs?
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