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1. Magazines had written that M5 will do 30MPG,which i never believed.. (less power yet similar powerplant V8 Twin Turbo 550i 6MT manual does 15/ can a more powerful, probably tricked at cylinders and exhausts and turbos have a better efficiency? (I'm talking raw MPG, not one of those engaged green mode and auto stop/start bs). But still, now i get the picture, the new M5 with all those green modes and BS will do ~17/24 at best.

2. Every generation of M3 has improved in performance, tha't obvious.. - - no arguments to be made nor no questions to be asked.
The next one will certainly be better than the E9x in many aspect, especially in performance.
From seeing the current 3 series, however, I'm a bit disappointed that BMW is also following the tract of using cheaper material, cheaper car basically along other automotive industries.
Anyhow, every generation is unique, like the shockingly sporty E30 M3, first silky smooth inline 6 E36 M3 (with first sedan availability), the "Raw" inline-6 most popular E46 with first SMG, and even lighter yet more grunt V8 engined E90/92 M3. And the next one will be a "turbo monster" 6 cylinder M3.
It just makes every generation of M brand unique and worthy of collecting as a benchmark practical sports car.
I just hope that the "practical" part is kept in the next turbo version.

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