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Originally Posted by Daaaadadundun
Omg you whining little girls...

I remember the comments when the M3 E92 was still in it's testing stage. Everybody was crying that the sound of the E46 was better. Now suddenly the S65 is the sh*t. I bet you by the time this thing is replaced the same people who are crying about the S65 today will be crying about this S55 then. ...
Relax there chieftain. I have yet to hear an F10 M5 sound better than its predecessor. Heck I haven't even heard an F10 sound better than an M3 E92. It is all foreshadowing what is to come with the F8X.

It is just going to show how truly special these NA engines in the outgoing M3 and previous gen M5 really were.

And who cares, we're entitled to our own opinions. You're whining, about other people whining....