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Originally Posted by mhutchins14 View Post
Wow!! Nice too see the old girl still rocking after all those miles. I have 90k on my E92 M and I'm waiting to see how the new M4/M3 turns out. I'll be in the market for one of them. Not sure what the latest is on their release date but at the latest I'd like to be in one by early 2015...if not sooner.
My E46 has been nothing but good to me. It was a 4/02 build, which was about a year after the E46 was introduced and in the window (3/01 to 11/02, I believe) when all the s54s were blowing up. I thought BMW did a nice job responding to all the problems, which is why I feel good about buying early once the F82 is out. I will miss the high reving NA engine, but the world is moving on. The F82 is gonna be a great car.