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Originally Posted by carraway View Post
My E46 has been nothing but good to me. It was a 4/02 build, which was about a year after the E46 was introduced and in the window (3/01 to 11/02, I believe) when all the s54s were blowing up. I thought BMW did a nice job responding to all the problems, which is why I feel good about buying early once the F82 is out. I will miss the high reving NA engine, but the world is moving on. The F82 is gonna be a great car.
I still think that the E46 M is the best looking M3...the proportions to me are just spot on. I had a 2004 model that I picked up second hand and drove it for two years before I got my current E92. Mine was the 16th car delivered here and other that replacing my steering pump, and the stupid seat belt presenter (twice) it's been trouble free. I was worried about getting a first year car but I think reliability is drastically better now.
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