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Originally Posted by eMvy View Post
FN: And the new M3 will have one of the best engines we have ever done.

Wow, that is really bold statement, especially when the M3 is coming from one of the best production V8s in the world. Let's not even mention some of the other masterpiece engines. Please be true.

FN: As to all-wheel drive, we use it on M Performance Automobiles [and the X5 M and X6 M] but itís not necessary on M cars. On the new M3 it would add 80 kg [176 pounds] and the steering would not be pure any more. Itís not worth it. The car has 50:50 weight distribution and new traction management and a new differential, a development of the principle of the M5′s, with torque vectoring, so it has excellent traction.

FN: Absolutely. We will use lightweight parts in the places where it matters, at the ends of the car and high up, and in high-rpm parts of the powertrain. A carbon fiber roof, of course, and aluminum and magnesium and carbon fiber in the crash zones. An aluminum hood, and a new carbon fiber trunk lid.

Is this why the new M3/4 have different model codes - because the chassis and other elements deviate so far from the F30/F32 platform?

Take that with a grain of salt...whats he going to say that the new engine is inferior to the outgoing S65?