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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
Depends on your needs/wants and budget. The M4 will for sure be well into the $80k range when optioned but offer much much more performance. The big questions to consider are: Do you want that performance and can you actually use it? Can you afford that car? Another thing to think about is that even though it may be revealed in January, actual deliveries are probably second half of 2014 or about a year after 435i.
i hear you, but the point is that i dont want to spend 60k+ on a 435i only to see that its been outdated/outdone literally 3 months later

the m4 will probably look a lot better and make me say "damn, i wish my car had that" will inevitably happen to every car we choose, but at least let us enjoy our basic 4's for longer than 3 ******* months

the 5 and 6 series owners didnt see the M5/M6 for like 2+ years and got to enjoy their cars for a long time. if i buy a brand new 4 series ill enjoy it and then get teased by the M4's superior looks/tech just a few months later. and im not even talking about the performance yet. the performance is something i probably wouldnt even need but the looks/tech alone will ruin the joy of owning a "basic" 4 series and make me regret my purchase. suppose this car has a much more aggressive air breather side vent, or the LED headlights from the concept, or something along those lines?

sorry but thats a deal breaker to me, i just changed my mind about getting a 4 series over that. and now i will probably have to switch to another brand all together since im not waiting til late 2014 for a car. bmw does not know how to make their customers feel special at all.