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Originally Posted by lux View Post
BMW has no excuse for synthesized sound via the speakers. There are many alternative sound enhancing techniques to choose from.
Yes actually they do..

Here's a little hint on their excuse.

MT: Tell me about light weight. Is the new M4 lighter than a 435i?

FN: Absolutely. We will use lightweight parts in the places where it matters
They have come forward in how many different venues and publications saying "lightweight this and lightweight that"

Now if they were to sit here and preach the lack of useless parts and additions to a car that would add unnecessary weight, it would be not only hypocritical but foolish for them to come along and shove a porsche-esque or Ford-esque Sound Symposer system or FR-S Sound Tube system.

Speakers are ALREADY going to be installed in the car, so getting the sound synthesis out of them is a matter of an extra control board in the harness somewhwere..

So you either have one of the following

and be forced to purchase full on delete hardware kits just to remove the "synthetic" aspect of your car sound....


Simply disabling the Active sound of the bmw...

So while all the complaining has been going on over a feature that is very easily removed (which is hilarious to me...I'm all for getting rid of synthetic noise....but we're also talking about "The next generation of LUXURY SPORT SEDANS" in a generation where engines are expected to be quieter, cockpits expected to be quieter and overall car noise to be lessened bmw is trying to cater to 2 complete polar opposites and did a damn fine job of it if you ask me. The ONLY thing i could see that might be better would be a push button noise damper, but that would without question hamper performance.

Of ALL The things wrong with the current trend in car designs around the world, automotive features etcetera you'd think something asr small as the Active Sound wouldn't be such a lambasted idea. Heck we have other models that have intrusive stability/traction control that require IDKFA, up-c-down-c-left-c-right-c and BABA start Select to turn off completely and people are less vocal about THAT than the "audio assist" that takes all but 4 seconds to completely disable.