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Originally Posted by driftster View Post

and be forced to purchase full on delete hardware kits just to remove the "synthetic" aspect of your car sound....
That's not synthetic. It's actually YOUR engine. Not a recording of some other engine played back in sync with your engine. It is YOUR engine making noise.

Is it contrived and marketing driven? Yes, of course. But at least it's YOUR ENGINE. I mean, hey, how many people here by CAI's and high flow filters? Do we call their engine sounds "synthetic"? No. Because it's STILL THEIR ENGINE.

Mechanically tuning engine and exhaust sound is something that all manufacturers do. Their end goal might be different, but they all do it. Playing a recording of a DIFFERENT CAR through your speakers is just dumb. That's no longer tuning your car. It's listening to something else.

Would you go to a concert of your favorite artist and bring some noise cancelling headphones and an iPod and sit and listen to all the same songs on your iPod while watching the show? If you did, would you still claim to have heard the concert?