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Originally Posted by basscadet View Post
Maybe. But until we know the specifications of the turbos this is all just shooting-the-sh*t.

If a full-bolt-on 335i is capable of 450ish hp (or whatever, not sure of that #), and the limitations are not fuel-related, I do not see how the F8X is going to be able to do much more than that. The golden rule needs to be repeated more on this forum than it is: There is no replacement for displacement.

Now yes, this engine is more robust, can take more boost, has forged internals, etc but NONE of that matters if the small and quick-spooling turbos on this car just can't flow.

By the way, are we really happy with straight-line performance equal to a bolt-on, last-generation 3-series? We need to aim higher in our expectations.
One of the indications that turbos are flowing is power holding up top. BMW dynos shows power peeking at redline and holding until 7200rpm. This could just be proper tuning, but also an indication that the turbos are not really running out of air up top.