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I just completed the survey and honestly I have not had any issues whatsoever with my M3. The questions are very specific and cover almost every detail of the car which is quite impressive. I wish I had this survey for my F30 335 which had several interior rattles/squeaks!
Not even rocks getting stuck in the brake shield?
A rare occurrence for me and not really a big deal. Compared to my F30 where the brakes squealed for 30k miles and made me want to torch the car in an alleyway (not to mention the interior squeaks and creaks, my F80 is night and day improvement in overall quality. A little stone being lodged in the dust shield for a second I'll take over other issues I've had with previous BMWs.
But why not log the issue? That is the whole point of the survey.

On a related note I got a survey via email. No dollar! I guess the check is in the mail? :
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