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Originally Posted by RealStig View Post
Up until today, I had never driven a car with an electric steering, let alone a BMW with one. I have been reading in the F30 forums and in web (blogs/reviews/etc) a lot about it and I had been telling myself "it cannot be that bad, why are all these people complaining about it so much".

Fast forward it to today, I had stopped by my dealership to get the windshield washer fluid filled on my way to home which is when I saw a new 335 with the M sport package (it had an MSRP of 65k+ and was fully loaded). I took it out for a spin and my god was that a horrible experience. Don't get me wrong, it's a great car, interior is nice, great gadgets, looks good, all that is fine, but the steering is so weird! In sport+ mode it will move with the slightest force. It just does not feel right. It feels like you are playing a video game with a steering wheel. It's hard to describe. Best way to put it is - light and artificial.

I left the dealership with fear and to be honest with you, the two CAs that I spoke to outright told me "you are not going to like the steering, especially after the hydraulic in the M3 that you are driving" and they were right.

Anyways, why am I posting this? Well I want to ask, do you think the M3/M4 will have similar issues or will they feel like a true hydraulic. I drove the M5 a few times and that felt exactly like it should, similar to my M3. Now I know why everyone in the forum keeps saying they are so concerned about the steering.

I think you guys should stop worrying about the exhaust or engine or turbo or the wheels and worry about the steering, because this is one thing that it is truly a deal breaker which you cannot replace/fix/mod/get used to. I honestly don't know what BMW was thinking about when they made this change and I hope they improve this thing significantly not just for the Ms, but for all other cars as well.

I can't make sense of your posts, you are all over the place. You call your self an enthusiast with connections with BMW yet you just test drive an f30 to see how the steering is? And then you want to compare it to an M3? What is your agenda here? Seriously I see one negative post by you then two positives... Comparing a 335 steering to an m car shouldn't even be a thread!! Wait till the mediots test drive it, this topic has been beaten to death.

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